Something I’m very interested in is the relationship people have with nature and I think this is very much reflected though language. So a question I have for you concerns a couple different words: “wild” and “wilderness”. What do these words mean to you? What are their connotations? And What do you think people, in general, associate with the words “wild” and “wilderness


3 Responses to ““Wild” and “Wilderness””

  1. White Wolf Says:

    Good evening Anna,
    This is a good question and I too feel that the language humans use directly affects many things. I go into this in great detail in my 4 Sacred Powers Course
    My Teacher, Meechgalanne never used the words “wild” or “wilderness”. He never used the terms “nature” or “the outdoors”. To him and his people the world was life and there was no inside, outside. There was no modern or wild separation as many technological humans see it. So with that said, I was never taught with those words. However, in my teachings I use them because I am communicating with “modern technological” humans. So when I say “wild” I am referring to the energy of wildness, the untamed life force that exists in all life and roots the foundation of all pure energy. It is like a never ending spring that flows forth from a high alpine mountainside. It is the power of a storm sweeping across barren plains. It is the blizzard that engulfs the deep forests in mid winter. “Wild” is the primitive feeling of life and oneness inside us all! Someone who is “wild” in its true sense lives their life by that wild energy and does not exist in the tame or domestic energy of modern life.
    “Wilderness” is the place where “wild” can be found the most and in its pure state without technological interference. “Wilderness” is the original and purest physical home of life on this planet. It is the place that nurtures the primitive, the purity, the rawness, and the origins of all societies on our Earthmother. It is the place where balance can always be found if left in its “natural state”, undisturbed by modern advancements.
    I hope this helps with your question and if not then please let me know and I will try to go further.
    This can be found on my blog at

    Medicine Blessings,
    White Wolf

  2. Dear family- I like White Wolf’s definitions of wildness and wilderness as a way to put into language the energetic experience of our primal life force and the places that nurture that relationship as places of wilderness. As a student of the inner worlds I am struck with how the dream time is a “wilderness” in the non-physical dimension and how the wild self can hear it’s own resonance and voice when one “tracks” dreams. The primitive self is uncensored in dreaming, and by entering into the dream with the same listening as one enters into a relationship with the natural world, there are “truths” to hear and balance to be re-gained in all our relations. The plant and animal kingdoms are ready to speak to us in the language of our dreams, the minute we become receptive. The powerful experience of inner spaciousness and opening that occurs in physical places of wilderness has it’s counterpart in meditative states, dream states and presence to the vast self. The oneness that was accessible to indigenous people prior to technology is also accessible to me and others today, with a simple intention to attune to the Presence within myelf and other life forms. This attunement leads to feelings of ecstasy and awe that often come when I am in places of nature that are relatively unidsturbed.
    Many of us, including myself have never been in places of true wilderness. But I believe that a the force that exists in the wilderness itself, is both inside me and outside me, and speaks to me regardless of where my physical body is located. This force is both wild and purposeful, and offers a continual invitation to act on potential creative energy.
    Thank you Anna, White Wolf and others who are helping us dream and new dream, in which we can restore balance on our planet…
    From My Heart to Yours,

  3. White Wolf Says:

    In response to Linda,
    You put the arrow through the hoop! Wilderness is within each and every one of us. This is what I have been teaching for many moons. True wildness is within and one does not have to be “in” the wilderness on an external level to access these ancient wild ways. It helps but it is not necessary to achieve great things upon our personal paths. The dream is all of us and we are the dream…
    Very good perception!

    Medicine blessings,
    White Wolf

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